Look into the eyes of Knoxville’s neediest

You’ll see weary men and women struggling with addiction, mental illness, anger and hopelessness

But look again, there’s so much more …

At KARM, you will find responsible, employed parents forced to choose between paying rent and buying groceries. You’ll see entire families whose lives were shattered when jobs disappeared or illness struck. You’ll see elderly men and women who must choose between life-giving food and life-saving medication. For the 5,000 new faces that walk through KARM’s doors each year, there are 5,000 stories and reasons for homelessness.

You can be a part of this ministry and share in this blessing.

Every day at Knox Area Rescue Ministries, the grace of Jesus Christ is causing hope to be renewed and lives – once hanging in the balance – to be restored.

“We prefer not to see people who are destitute. We avoid talking about people’s pains and sorrows; we stay away from brokenness, helplessness, and neediness. By this avoidance we might lose touch with the people through whom God is manifested to us. But when we have discovered God in our own poverty, we will lose our fear of the poor and go to them to meet God.”

- Henri Nouwen