As we work to help the poor & homeless in our community, we recognize we can’t possibly build a relationship with every hurting person and can’t meet their unspoken needs. Yet we recognize that many of these relationships already exist with local churches. So, we’re glad to combine our efforts and share our resources to make the biggest impact possible. We partner with churches through a program called Corners Of Your Field.

At KARM Stores, we record the details of every donation we receive, and, when the donor allows, we collect the name of his or her church. A portion of your donation is credited to your church and gift cards are distributed quarterly to these church partners. The gift cards are a tool to help eliminate homelessness before it starts and we’re happy to share them with partners.

Is your church an official partner?

We’re ready to welcome our next church partner and work together to help those in our community. Gift cards are typically just the first resource we’re able to share.

If you’re unsure if your church is an official partner, share this flyer with your pastor or other church representative. He or she can sign up formally at