*KARM’s Berea program is not affiliated with Berea College.

Berea ushers people into God’s presence through the dignity of work, the value of learning, and the joy of serving.


Berea’s four- to six- month program ushers people into God’s presence through the dignity of work, the value of learning and the joy of serving. Berea has transformed KARM into a Work-Learn-Serve campus environment, where students are either in class, working or performing community service. Upon completion, students have realistic short- and long-term goals and Biblically-based plans for their future, supported by training and skills for employment—helping them break the cycle of homelessness.


Helping people discover the abundant life God has promised us.


Everyone works their way through Berea, and every job assignment comes with a learning objective that promotes discipline, responsibility, initiative and cooperation. By working, Berea students become a vital part of the daily operation of KARM.


Berea core curriculum teaches a range of life skills: planning, collaboration, building relationships and finance. In addition to the core curriculum, art, music and other electives are offered and encouraged to enrich every aspect of a student’s life. Advanced career training in food and janitorial services can also be part of a student’s Berea course work. Christian basics are central to all areas of study in Berea. In Berea, students learn how to successfully integrate back into the community.


Berea students are taught to “give back” to their local community, and opportunities for community service are made available to every Berea student. Churches and other local organizations provide important and fulfilling opportunities for Berea students as they learn that everyone has something to give, and everyone’s service is important.


Berea’s guiding verse for students is John 10:10—”The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” To help students live out this abundant life, Berea is a co-ed residential program where students learn to live within a healthy community. This community allows for support, encouragement and accountability that unites them in their goal to move forward and to break the cycle of homelessness. Students also learn valuable lessons by sharing roles of leadership that help them live successful lives grounded in a Biblical foundation.

Berea transforms lives and breaks the cycle of homelessness.