Realizing the potential God has for KARM largely depends on the quality and engagement of our staff.  So we put a high priority on attracting, developing, and maintaining fantastic people in our workplace.

We happen to think this is a great place to work!  In fact, we were named a U.S. Best Christian Workplace in 2014 by the Best Christian Workplaces Institute.  Some of the reasons given by our employees?

▪ Being able to worship, pray, and share openly in a Christian organization ▪ The people we serve and the work itself ▪ My co-workers and the teamwork, love and support we share ▪ The support I receive from my supervisor ▪

KARM Main Campus Shelter Positions

If you’re interested in employment with KARM programs at either location (418 N. Broadway or Serenity), review the open positions. To apply for a position, please click here. For additional information, please contact

Internships, Clinicals and Practicum Opportunities

Students of accredited colleges and universities are able to gain hands-on learning and experience in the non-profit, human services, and ministry fields. Our goal is to support educational pursuits through assignments that allow the student to leave with valuable knowledge and insights for their future pursuits. To start the process, please submit the Application for Internship a minimum of four weeks in advance of the proposed assignment. To apply for a position, please click here.

KARM Stores

Employment opportunities at KARM Stores are always available for mission-minded individuals. Positions on our retail and processing teams are open across KARM Stores locations.

Positions include:

  • Head Cashier and Sales Associate
  • Processor
  • Maintenance
  • Inventory Stocker
  • Truck Manager and Movers
  • Warehouse Manager and Warehouse Worker
  • Distribution and Donation Pick Up Drivers
  • Processing and Assistant Processing Manager
  • Retail and Assistant Retail Manager
  • Receiving and Assistant Receiving Manager

Apply Now for any of the positions that interests you.