Reignite hope and determine readiness for change

LaunchPoint restores hope by reconnecting individuals to the dreams he or she once had but were lost when their life went off track.

Once KARM guests have their emergency needs met, our four-week LaunchPoint program helps them find hope and stability. In LaunchPoint, students learn to take small steps that result in forward movement, and they begin to see that making wise choices can lead to a new life journey. On that journey, they can discover God’s purpose, develop a life plan with realistic goals, and learn to implement this plan in manageable steps.


Financial Literacy

Legal literacy

Physical/mental Health and Support

Goal Setting


Breaking the cycle of homelessness

Courage, humility and focus

To date, more than 900 men and women have graduated from LaunchPoint. Those graduates have moved on to employment and independent living or are moving forward to break their cycle of homelessness.

During LaunchPoint graduation ceremonies, each student receives a certificate bearing the following words in recognition of their important steps on a new life journey: For COURAGE in the Face of Doubt, HUMILITY in the Presence of God, and STEADFAST FOCUS on the Restoration of Hope Available to All.