Volunteer Group at KARM Stores

Volunteering at KARM Stores

A volunteer experience at KARM Stores includes a meaningful project that directly impacts the guests at Knox Area Rescue Ministries. You will see how donations are redeemed for dollars and your efforts will play an integral part in maximizing our ability to meet the needs of the poor and homeless.

We have volunteer activities available for all ages and physical capabilities. Tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Greeting and assisting donors
  • Sorting and cleaning donations
  • Testing of electronic miscellaneous items
  • Putting new items on the sales floor
  • Staging displays/end caps
  • Painting and assembling shelves
  • And much more!

Whether it’s with your church group, work group, or school group, volunteering at KARM Stores is such a rewarding way to serve your community. With over 20 locations, you’re sure to find great opportunities near you!

*Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult

My group loved partnering with KARM Stores to volunteer at their Emory Road location, the process was easy, and the payoff was huge!


Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals must be at least 16 years old to volunteer at KARM Stores; however, students and children accompanied by an adult are welcome. Each volunteer experience will be crafted to match your age and ability.
Most volunteer opportunities are scheduled for two hours. We’ve found this duration provides sufficient time to make a noticeable impact on the selected projects while still being captivating.

Longer volunteer experiences are available and should be scheduled by contacting the manager of a store directly or by e-mailing volunteer@karmstores.com. For first-time volunteers, this time will include a brief explanation of the purpose of KARM Stores and the role each volunteer plays in making that purpose become reality.

Most locations of KARM Stores can easily accommodate up to six volunteers. Opportunities listed online are capped at this limit.
Larger groups can be scheduled by contacting volunteer@karmstores.com. Provide the following details in your e-mail to help identify the best options for your volunteer experience.

Number of volunteers

Age of volunteers (e.g., students, adults)

Preferred location(s)

Preferred date(s) and time

In the past, we’ve worked with various groups – including churches, schools, and civic organizations – to create experiences relevant for groups of up to 100 volunteers. We’ll work with you to create an experience appropriate for you.

Knox Area Rescue Ministries & KARM Stores is a recognized non-profit where individuals can volunteer their time and receive a personal benefit towards required community service. Volunteers at Knox Area Rescue Ministries check in using Volgistics, where a record of their donated time is maintained. Volunteers at KARM Stores receive a receipt for their donated time, much like a donation of gently-used household items.

Volunteer hours at Knox Area Rescue Ministries & KARM Stores are accepted as part of tnAchieves, Tennessee Promise, and court appointed community service.

Explore options to volunteer at Knox Area Rescue Ministries or KARM Stores.

Because of your donation to KARM Stores, you play a part in providing Every Person. Every Meal. Every Day.
But it doesn’t have to stop when you drop off your gently used items. There are many rewarding ways you can further partner with KARM & KARM Stores.

Volunteer at KARM Stores to help redeem donations for dollars. Every month, we process 12,000 items at each store that can then be purchased from our retail floor. Opportunities exist for individuals, families and groups at our store locations.

Shop KARM Stores for quality items you can use and support the efforts of KARM at the same time.

Request a tour of our mission and a KARM Stores location to get a behind-the-scenes perspective of how we do what we do.

Share the story with others you know. Leverage your social networks and invite friends & family to join you. Become an advocate at your church, school, or place of work.

Keep Me Informed

From time to time, KARM Stores host or participate in community events, such as Coats for the Cold, creating additional opportunities for our KARM Stores volunteers. To be alerted of these opportunities and others unique to KARM Stores, share your contact information below and we’ll keep you in the loop.