Rescue + Relationships = Restoration

Rescue / Emergency Services at KARM focus on providing basic needs—food, clothing, shelter and safety—for those in crisis.

Our heroes who meet these needs are known as our Frontline team. These men and women welcome the overlooked, the lost, those invisible in society—more than 3,700 each year—and affirm the dignity of each one as being made in the image of God.

He rescued us.

He longs for a relationship with us.

Through that relationship,

He restores us.

Every day on KARM’s Frontline, staff and volunteers are given the opportunity to dive into the upside-down values of the Kingdom of God—to serve the least as if they were the most important, to provide generously for those who have nothing, and to draw the lonely into community.

A typical Frontline shift might include: finding clean clothing for a new guest who has worn the same clothes for a week; explaining the schedule to a young guest who has aged out of foster care; making sure an elderly guest gets a hot shower and a bottom bunk; calming a young woman who has experienced trauma…and a multitude of other sacred tasks.