In our society, women are
usually the caregivers,
but who takes care of them
when they’re in crisis?

For more than 30 years, Serenity has been a light in the darkness for moms, daughters and sisters in crisis.
Serving up to 33 women (and children), Serenity offers a free 18-month residential program for those seeking rescue, recovery and freedom from addiction, domestic violence and homelessness.
Inside its doors, women can safely confront the root causes of their situation in a loving, healing, Christian environment—hopefully empowering them to succeed in everyday life for the rest of their lives.

Now, Serenity Needs Your Help

Recently, the historic building housing Serenity required loving restoration to continue providing care for women and children who call it “home.” With our donor’s help, we raised $1,300,000 to make these renovations, but as we proceeded, unforeseen challenges occurred.

Major building projects and renovations encounter unexpected challenges and expenses even with the best of planning. There are things that simply cannot be identified before work is underway. This is the position Serenity finds itself in today – facing a few surprises – and why we are asking for your help.

These challenges increased renovation costs by $300,000. We’re asking you to prayerfully consider helping us with this shortfall. We hope you will see this need as an investment in the eternal Kingdom work Serenity does every day.

More information can be found on the tear-off card below. Or, feel free to contact Danita McCartney, KARM’s Vice President of Development, by calling 865-633-7625 or by emailing, if you have questions or want to learn about Serenity sponsorship opportunities.

Thank you for your prayerful support of Serenity,

Burt Rosen, President & CEO
Knox Area Rescue Ministries

Watch Terra’s story to learn more about how Serenity is restoring lives in Jesus’ name in Knoxville.

Serenity is called to restore lives in Jesus’ Name.

For more than 30 years, Serenity has ministered to women in need, and now we need your help. Thank you for prayerfully considering supporting Serenity as we continue providing free residential treatment, recovery and training in a loving, Christian environment.

Please help us restore Serenity’s home.

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