KARM Care has the following focus areas:

Crossroads Welcome Center and Crossroads Resource Center are the starting points for KARM’s guests—welcoming places where overwhelming biblical hospitality is shown and where staff and volunteers determine guests’ needs and help them access area resources. Our objectives are simple:

  • to meet guests where they are
  • to introduce them to KARM’s programs and to community agencies, resources and services that will help them move forward and break the cycle of homelessness in their lives
  • to provide a space for agencies at KARM, which breaks down the barrier to vital services that often exists among those struggling with homelessness

Crossroads is a daily model of KARM’s ministry formula:

Rescue + Relationships = Restoration

Care Coordination

KARM’s Care Coordinators provide the relationships needed to ensure that our guests continue to move forward—such as assessing needs, creating a safe environment where God is at the center, and coordinating resources and referrals—all while helping them move toward sustainable independence.

KARM’s HomeCare Center

Have you ever wondered what happens to homeless individuals after they’re discharged from the hospital but aren’t yet well enough to care for themselves? It’s a real concern, but thanks to the partnership between KARM and Covenant Home Care, we’ve created a solution for homeless men in our community.

When a homeless man is discharged from a Covenant hospital, he can be referred to KARM’s HomeCare Center. There, Covenant Home Care nurses and social workers oversee their care, with assistance from trained KARM staff. But it’s more than just medical attention that’s given—along the way, these professionals become encouragers and friends.

The impact? Several patients who have left KARM’s HomeCare Center have gone on to join our LaunchPoint and New Life programs, taking significant steps towards fully restoring their lives. It’s inspiring to see the difference we can make when we work together.

Care Center

One major challenge KARM’s guests face is a lack of access to medical care. Our Care Center is our response to that challenge—providing a safe, welcoming space for guests and healthcare partners. In the Care Center, guests can receive primary medical, mental health, and other essential services for their physical and mental well-being.

Our Care Center improves the health of our guests and significantly reduces the number of 911 calls originating from KARM, which in turn eases the burden on local emergency responders, hospitals and other community resources.

Of course, the Care Center story doesn’t belong to KARM alone. We’re very grateful for our partnerships with area medical providers and universities, who work with us daily to make a positive impact on the lives of our guests.