Men and women struggling with homelessness need more than a meal and a safe place to sleep—they need a path to success. Job training through our KARM Works program provides Biblically-based job skills training and employment placement assistance.

KARM Works helps restore purpose, hope and dignity by helping guests find meaningful, sustainable employment. Our goals for participants are:

  • To understand we are created by God to work
  • To understand work as a calling to a mission
  • To overcome roadblocks
  • To develop positive workplace skills

We also work to create and grow relationships with exceptional employers and to provide those employers with exceptional employees—guests who have come to KARM for help. In turn, employers provide our guests with exceptional career opportunities. In the long-run, these reciprocal relationships improve our guests lives; pave the way for the success of future KARM guests; strengthen the fabric of our community; and promote an environment where, with God’s help and blessing, all things are possible.