Restoring moms, daughters and sisters

Serenity is called to restore lives in Jesus’ name.

For more than 30 years, Serenity has been a light in the darkness for women in crisis. Serving up to 33 women (and children), Serenity offers a 12- to 18-month biblically-based residential program for those seeking a safe place to find rescue; to understand the root causes of their problems; to recover and enjoy a restored life of freedom from addiction, domestic violence and homelessness.

Our Guests

Guests at Serenity receive crisis intervention, case management, individual and group counseling, spiritual support, life and job skills classes, community-based mentoring and refuge from abusive relationships.

Successful Recovery

From the moment someone enters Serenity, our volunteers and staff begin preparing them for the day they will leave. We’ve learned that one of the most important keys to successful recovery is for the person to truly understand they are a unique creation deeply loved by God.

Anyone looking for a recovery program for men can call us at 865-673-6540 for referrals.